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SUBGEAR focuses on quality dive equipment at reasonable prices. SUBGEAR was originally a German brand (SEEMANN SUB), enjoying great success since 1979. It was acquired by Johnson Outdoors in 2007 and launched in most of Europe in 2008. In 2010, SUBGEAR dive gear has been launched worldwide, including North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

An angry buyer shared this in a review about The ¨ScubaPro XP-H COMPUTER for Scuba Diving Regulators¨, "Had to buy this computer in 2/2012 with my Scuba Pro regulators to obtain the lifetime maintenance/warranty agreement that used to come with the regulators without any additional purchase. Scuba Pro is leveraging the purchase of additional equipment with this new requirement. The dive shop said it was a good entry level computer, but I beg to differ and here is why.

I used this computer on my first 25 dives as a new certified diver. On my 26th dive the unit began wigging out when the pressure reading started disappearing and coming back randomly. When it disappeared only dashes displayed. Needless to say, my 26th dive was not very pleasant and as a relatively new diver, I was pretty nervous the whole dive. I would have to look at the computer for up to a minute before the pressure would flash for a second or two and then disappear again!

The computer never did function very well. For my first 5 dives the computer somehow got placed in gage mode. This mode does not give you deco times or safety stop times. I ended up relying on my wife's computer for those first dives as my computer would not let me switch out of gage mode until after 48 hours from the last dive. Not something that was going to happen on this dive trip!

Then there was the random switching of the altitude from 0 to minus 100 or 200 feet and some weird random reading of the oxygen saturation that would jump from the set 21% to as high as 90% and back."

Needless to say, this unit is going back to the dive shop for a replacement of a different brand.


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Operator (Current Employee) says

"Not a good environment. There is favortism and there is no communication what so ever. Once you ask the owner one thing he can not give you a straight answer let a lone take ideas. They string you a long telling employees that they will get a bonus or a raise and there has not been one for a very long time."

Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend this company if you needed a quick job but not a career. Management is great the CEO/President/Owner on the other hand is questionable. But it's a job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Cycle Gear full-time for more than a year Cons: No real room for promotion unless you have a "buddy" in management, base wages or extremely low and the commission structure is convoluted and poorly structured, benefits are sub par and expensive, 401k match not offered, you dont earn vacation unless you have been there for at least a year, company doesnt have loyalty to employees, the turnover rate is very high so do not leave a company for a job at Cycle Gear because you can be let go at any moment for any reason with or without a warning."

Ben Mitchell says

"Hate to make this review, as I've previously had no problems with Simply Scuba. I placed an order a while ago, but have received no dispatch notice. After no email response to a query after 24 hours, I decided to try calling the premium support number. The support number does not work, attempting to get through to customer support with it forwards you to a message saying you're being transferred to the accounts department, and then restarts the whole process. I'm now stuck with my money and my order in limbo, with no way of contacting the Simply Group."

Colin White says

"Purchased items from Simply Scuba, 2 items where not suitable and a dry suit needed exchanged. I returned the items and phoned to find out if the larger size of the dry suit was been sent and if a refund had been organised for the items not required. After waiting 10 mins or so to get through to the correct person, I was advised they can't do exchanges and only do refunds. Which in this day and age is very unusual. So I asked when I'd get a refund and was advised that due to staff shortages a refund would not be done for 14 days. When I complained about this the lady on the end of the phone said " anything else" then silence. I'd recommend using a retailer with better service. I certainly will not be back and as a matter of principal I am no going to return the balance of the order."

MFraser says

"I would have rather used a different title, but it pretty much sums it up really. Inaccurate size guides on their website caused a return of a product, so I had basically paid for a package to circulate the country. They have a no exchange policy so the only way to get the correct product would be to reorder and again pay postage. No conformation emails were sent to me about postage/tracking or when the refund was finally issued also. No postage costs were returned to me (In this case I believe it should have been due to the size guide been inaccurate and not my choice been at fault) All in all poor customer service and would not advise anyone to use there online store unless your sure you know what you want because the whole returns process/policies is a joke... So like I said in the tile "Crap Service""

Jamie Samuels says

"Absolutely awful they made a mistake in addressing which ruined my diving for at least this weekend"

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